You need to :

Prevent technical hazards

  • We provide Building inspection
  • Building, civil engineering & infrastructures
  • During design, execution & handover phases, as an independent third party:
  • Fire safety & solidity
  • Acoustic and energy performance
  • Regulatory inspection of facilities
  • Construction control at the insurer’s request (IDI – 10 years liability)
  • On site Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
  • Building code compliance

Manage your project.

  • We provide Project management Assistance
  • From initial design to handover, assist you in:
    • Deadline management
    • Cost control
    • Quality control QA/QC
    • Design Review
    • Health & safety on your sites
    • Contractors’ tenders and contracts

Define your project

  • We provide Project owner assistance
  • During design, execution and handover phases on technical aspects:
    • Assist you in drafting the specifications and defining the corresponding regulatory requirements
    • Integrate your energy & environmental objectives
    • Detail disabled access & fire safety issues
    • Evaluate technical proposals

Evaluate your property

  • We provide Asset management assistance
  • Throughout the asset life cycle:
    • Assess & valorize your asset
    • Advise you on controlling your energy consumption & greenhouse gas emissions
    • Help you maintain the quality of your building, its fixtures and fittings
    • Ensure the regulatory compliance of your buildings
    • Evaluate health protection and personal safety
    • Advise on environmental certification for your building
    • Condition Monitoring

Elaboration of Maintenance Tender Specifications